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Joseph & Angella Kakumirizi Foundation

One Candle can light 1000 candles

- Ghandhi

OUR Mission.

The Joseph & Angella Kakumirizi Foundation is committed to the philosophy that all individuals should be given an opportunity for the development of their skills and knowledge without the worry of financial resources or compromising the quality of Education. We believe that an educated society will be the foundation to community upward mobility.


Multiply God's goodness through others.



In all we do the glory will be to the Lord.


Family is beyond our immediate bloodlines but all the lives we hope to touch as a compound effect.

Respect & Integrity: 

We practice and teach integrity and respect in our programs, funding, and communities.

Our Belief

My wife and I have always believed that one candle can light more than 1000 candles without losing it's flame.

The selection of our beneficiaries is based on the potential that can be created from helping those in most need but have the most potential.

Education has always been our belief as one of the ways we can improve our society.

Our Ask .....

To our beneficiaries:

 All it takes is one out of 10 to create impact, Be the impact in another person's life.

To Our Partners:

Thank you so much for your generosity and may God bless you abundantly.


Here are the fundamentals of our scholarship application and selection process:

  • Recipients are selected on the basis of:

    • Financial need as established through the applicants evidence and input from education institution.

    • Academic achievement based on previous year's performance.

    • Extracurriculars, volunteer activities, and leadership experience.

    • Demonstrated academic motivation, personal growth, initiative and perseverance.

    • Responses to an Optional creative essays.

    • Quality of character as described by one school-related reference.

  • The application must be 100% complete and submitted by the student through our online scholarship application. Your school reference should be one of your class teachers.

  • Applicant information is kept confidential; an anonymous screening committee will evaluate the applications.

APPLy using form below.

Upload Report Card
Upload Any other supporting Documents
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Thanks for submitting!

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